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Eye Examinations
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Eye Examinations

Eye Examinations (Sight Tests)

 Everyone needs regular sight tests, even if you think you many not need one!  Every two years is ideal for most adults, but some need more frequent check ups - for instance, people who are diabetic or have glaucoma.
An eye examination lasts for around half-an-hour, during which time you have the opportunity to talk to the optician about any visual problems.Thomson Solutions letter chart
A private eye examination at Anderton Opticians is £38.00.  This fee will incorporate Digital Retinal Photography as standard. 
We feel that it is important to give our patients the best quality and professional service, so we have decided to use the most up-to-date technology available to us for every private eye examination.  We will take retinal photographs as part of your sight test, which lets us check for many conditions that could affect your eyes. 

This service is provided free-of-charge for our  members.

Many people are entitled to an NHS sight test where there will be no charge for the basic eye examination.  The NHS covers the basic eye examination, but not this type of advanced eye care.  However, we can still take the Digital Retinal Photographs for an additional fee.   Additional fees also apply for contact lens examinations and aftercare.


Childrens Eye Examinations 

Lisa readingGood eyesight is crucial for kids, as it can affect their performance at school and their confidence too.  Children are entitled to a free NHS eye test under 16 years old (and under 19 years old in full-time education).  If a child needs glasses they will be issued with an NHS voucher following the sight test.  We have a fantastic range of childrens frames including Frozen and Star Wars, and the voucher can be used towards their cost.  Some of  our glasses are free of charge using the voucher.  Some children or teens may even benefit from wearing contact lenses!   If you are bringing a child for an eye test, why not book yourself in for a test at the same time, and make it a fun time out together?



Dry Eye Clinics

EyeBag1Optive Plus eye drops
Optive Plus eye drops

We currently offer specialist "dry eye and blepharitis" private assessment clinics.  These assessments can help you to understand and manage your "dry eyes"... and we'll advise you of the latest dry eye, blepharitis, and MGD products, tailored to your individual needs.  This service is not provided by the NHS.

We are stockists of the renowned "Eye Bag" and "Eye Doctor", proven to help sufferers. 

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