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Hearing Tests

Trouble Hearing? Hearing Tests 

We have had a close working association with Andrew Cattini (Hearing Aid Audiologist) of AJC Hearing for many years now.   Although Andrew will not be working on our premises, he can offer you  hearing tests throughout the year either at his own premises in Stockport, or a home visit.

A hearing consultation is the ideal opportunity to find out whether or not you have a hearing impairment, and if you do, what can be done to help.

Andrew is a fully qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist, and will conduct a free consultation, which will include the following:

  •  Otoscopy   Checking your ears for wax, or any other visible problems that would need medical attention from a doctor, or ear, nose & throat specialist.
  •  Hearing Questionnaire   Investigating the causes of your hearing loss
  •  Full Audiometrical Test   Measuring your hearing thresholds (both air and bone conduction) and evaluating whether you actually need hearing aids.  

The Hearing Aid Audiologist will then explain the results of your test, and if you do have a hearing loss, he will do a full demonstration so that you can listen and decide for yourself whether digital hearing aids would give you the improvement you seek.

If you do need hearing aids, he can offer a wide selection at prices to suit most budgets.  Andrew can also service and check existing hearing aids.

Andrew now provides a safe and pain-free method of removing ear wax using "microsuction".  Telephone Andrew on 0161 784 0067 for more information.
Digital Hearing Aid

For further information about modern hearing aids and hearing tests, visit Andrew Cattini's website at

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